Rotary Operators

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RAAS is designed to handle the unique and complex requirements of the rotary maintenance operation.

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Robust solutions for maintaining rotary aircraft.

RAAS can be offered with price-point licensing options designed for smaller user groups, tailored to your needs by aviation industry experts to streamline workflows, keep data accurate, and help manage inventory more effectively.

Cradle-to-Grave Inventory Management

RAAS features a fully integrated and automated on-wing and off-wing (‘cradle-to-grave’) inventory management for total, proactive control of your rotables, giving you an accurate real-time inventory status, less held inventory, and fewer inventory shortages.

Aircraft Configuration Management

With intelligent aircraft configuration capabilities, RAAS gives you the ability to create and manage unique type configurations for tracking specific component and assembly time accumulation within RAAS itself - no external documents, transcriptions or calculations to manage - keeping your operational data accurate and compliant.

Complex Factor Handling

The ability to calculate penalty factors on a per-type and per-component basis allows for handling complex penalty factors unique to rotary operations, such as lifts, excursions, and engine starts, for more accurate due lists, reduced overruns, and informed financial planning


RAAS leverages the data in the system to reduce the steps required to perform a given task, or even automatically generate high-frequency items. Standard features include:

  • compliance input from the field
  • scheduled reports delivery
  • email-based purchase request approvals
  • exceedance alert emails
  • automatic due list generation
  • and automatic job card creation

All of these features work to streamline your maintenance operation’s workflow, helping you maintain data integrity, save time, and save money.

Open Data Architecture

RAAS utilizes an open data architecture where all of your aviation maintenance data lives in RAAS and belongs to you - not to us or anyone else - and is accessible for export or for customized reporting at any time.

Flexible Application Delivery

RAAS was the first, and remains one of the only, fully browser-based aviation management systems on the market. Any authorized user with an internet-enabled device and a modern browser can use any feature in RAAS. No special hardware or software requirements, and no installed applications. AIS even offers RAAS hosting so you don’t need to worry about managing your own servers or third-party providers.

Improved Business Efficiencies

By design, RAAS creates substantial productivity gains and cost savings across your entire business by communicating with other departments or non-maintenance personnel through built-in features such as:

  • Vendor invoice matching for AP approval
  • Electronic technical logbooks in the cockpit
  • Purchase order e-approval and e-signature
  • Scheduled report generation with email delivery

RAAS also benefits from third-party integrations such as:

  • OEM maintenance schedules
  • OEM tech pubs management
  • and AD / SB libraries

These features and more can free up hundreds of person-hours across your organization every year, helping your team stay focused on broader business goals.

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