Technical Records

AIS offers technical records services as part of initial system implementation, and to existing clients on a go-forward basis as well.

AIS technical services for RAAS can be temporary or long-term, and range from coverage of a single aircraft to entire fleets. Services may be bundled or arranged individually, and cover the spectrum of requirements of both the AMO and CAMO:

  • Work package creation
  • Airframe time updates
  • Aircraft scheduled and unscheduled limitation updates
  • Records scanning and uploading
  • Quality assurance

Maintenance planning aspects entail creation of due lists, job cards and optional organization of job cards into work packs. Data entry itself can be done using manual or automated means. Limitation updates include all of compliance input confirmation, part installation and removal, and adjustments to the maintenance program such as introductions of program revisions or AD/SB updates. Quality assurance is an overarching aspect of all technical records services, including data audit and corrections where applicable.

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