Aircraft Data Migration

AIS offers aircraft data migration, configuration and MPD revision update services both as part of an initial system implementation and on a go-forward basis.

Data migration and configuration is achieved using a combination of electronic and manual processes. The determination as to what process will be used for a given migration project is based on the source and quality of the data provided.  Regardless of the initial migration approach, manual and automated audits will be performed prior to any importation of data into the main RAAS databases.

MPD source task data and revision updates are easily imported as well. In conjunction with this service, inspection programs can be re-configured as necessary.

As part of the aircraft data migration process AIS regularly advises on proper data configuration, to ensure RAAS customer data will gain the greatest possible advantage from RAAS data structures and RAAS features.

Ownership of client-provided data, files, and other information remains with the client. RAAS data can be exported  for easy import into other systems or applications.

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