Implementation Project Management

Regardless if you are a startup carrier or a legacy operation, implementing a maintenance and engineering system such as RAAS will require project management resources.

Considering that the primary objectives during an implementation are to avoid data confusion, keep new and redundant workloads to a minimum and ultimately keep your aircraft flying throughout the implementation process, it is clear an experienced management team is important to the success of any implementation project.

Implementation of a startup carrier can be less involved mainly due to the fact that startup carriers are less likely to have entrenched legacy workflow processes. However, a well planned implementation for a startup carrier will include full analysis of what best workflow processes should be relative to the carrier intentions, how those processes should be implemented and how system end-users should be educated in those processes. In conjunction with this will be configuration of aircraft tracking data, configuration of the various inspection programs and proving of necessary customized forms and reports.

Legacy implementations bring all of the concerns of a startup carrier implementation but also add a large analysis component where existing work flow processes must be fully analyzed in order that those processes are properly brought forward into the overall RAAS implementation. This analysis hopes to discover errant procedures, standalone programs and spreadsheets (etc.), and in every case the value of each will be evaluated and decisions will be made regarding how/if each can/should be brought forward. Given that this analysis spans all aspects and departments within the maintenance organization it is clear the project can consume a significant amount of human resources.

AIS implementation project management personnel are experienced aviation maintenance professionals who are able to perform a top-down analysis of existing work flow processes as well as future intended procedures, in turn helping to develop an implementation plan that is both realistic and achievable.

For larger projects we may supplement our own in-house project management resources with third party professionals. Many AIS customers use third-party resources regularly and if you have resources you prefer to use we will certainly interface with them to achieve the best possible result.

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