Cloud Hosting and Disaster Recovery Protection

AIS offers our RAAS aviation maintenance software suite as both a traditional in-house installation or as a hosted cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Cloud based disaster recovery (DR) protection schemes are also available.

Cloud-based hosting can offer many advantages including:

  • Very rapid system implementation
  • Reduced capital costs by removing the need for server hardware and server software purchase and ongoing maintenance
  • Professional IT management services provided by those who know RAAS best.
  • Managed backup schemes including optional periodic database delivery

The AIS cloud hosting options can include dedicated server hardware resources and dedicated bandwidth allocation. All cloud hosting customers enjoy professionally managed RAAS installations, including free system update services. And, AIS guarantees a minimum 99 percent system availability per each month.

As an extension to either an in-house or hosted solution, AIS can also advise on and implement robust disaster recovery protection solutions ranging from single-site failover to site redundancy with near-zero data latency. Contact us to discuss your enterprise disaster recovery protection requirements.

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