RAAS is a highly integrated browser-based M&E workflow and data analysis solution for fleet operators, MROs and CAMOs.

RAAS customers enjoy the benefits of a widely accessible and easy-to-use inventory management and maintenance support system that through continued use is able to reduce maintenance costs by increasing maintenance procedure efficiency, reducing held inventory, providing proof of quality for inspection escalations, and by directly reducing clerical manpower requirements.

RAAS was designed as a superior product for the commercial fleet operator that would achieve enhanced functionality through the use of advanced software development tools and browser-based technologies. RAAS has met the design objectives and demonstrates advanced utility through high levels of integration, easy-to-use user interfaces, and many automated reporting and data analysis features. Advanced functionality coupled with modern application delivery methods make RAAS a leader in its field.

  • Browser based
  • Reduced costs through increased efficiency
  • Use of latest technology allowing for continued growth
  • Easy user interfaces, automated reporting and data analysis features
Licensing Options
  • In House: Installed on customer premises
  • Private Cloud: hosted at our data center
  • Concurrent Licensing Model: 20-40% less licenses required than traditional workstation model
  • Express License: Core functions for smaller operations and CAMO’s (Learn More)