RAAS Plugins

RAAS Plugins

A wide range of plugins can be included in your RAAS solution either as part of an initial system implementation or as a future enhancement.

Remote PO-02
Remote PO Approval

Remote PO Approval allows roaming users and non-RAAS users to review and approve purchase requests via email link, with no need to log into the main RAAS system. A link embedded in the automated PO Approval emails allows you to navigate to a mobile-friendly approval webpage that will ask you if you want to approve or reject the purchase request. A VP, Director or any other individual with appropriate security permissions will be able to approve an order from wherever they are via their mobile device.

LDAP Active Directory Integration

This plugin introduces Active Directory communication via LDAP, which in-turn allows synchronization of RAAS usernames and passwords with your Windows Active Directory Server. This plugin is extremely useful to help reduce network end-user authentication security loopholes, particularly in larger organizations with larger user groups.

Paperless Operation: Electronic Task Assignment and Task Signature

RAAS offers an entire feature set that enables paperless operation including work assignment, electronic signature and maintenance release to the job, job-task or job-task-step level.

Electronic Maintenance Log (EML) App for the Cockpit

RAAS offers Electronic Maintenance Log (EML) iOS/Android/Windows apps for the cockpit. Our EML apps are designed to allow defect reporting from the aircraft while inflight, closure and/or deferral of defects, display of recently accomplished work and cleared defects, and lists of next due items. The app is able to function in real-time or can work as an offline utility that will sync data to the main RAAS host once your tablet gains 3G/WiFi access.

Airframe time updates-02
Automated Airframe Time Updates and Defect Data Exchange

RAAS supports automated airframe time updates, allowing data from third-party sources such as a flight operations system to be automatically posted against the aircraft in your RAAS database. This feature set also includes the option of two-way communication with your operations/dispatch system for exchange of scheduled and defect maintenance items.

Finance/Accounting System Integration

Accounting/Finance system integration involves one- or two-way data transfer from RAAS to your finance system. The typical objective of the integration is to automate the processes of maintaining inventory values between systems as well as invoice matching/payable details.

Aircraft Data Loader

The RAAS Data Loader feature allows for rapid import of aircraft status data.  This utility is extremely beneficial to growing carriers and third-party contract CAMOs who may regularly introduce additional aircraft to their RAAS database.

Shop floor labour data-02
Shop Floor Labor Data Accumulation

For labor data capture on the production-floor RAAS offers a specialized web based user interface that allows scan-in and scan-out data collection from shop-floor scan stations, tablets or user smart phones.

Wireless scanner-02
Wireless Barcode Scanner Apps for the Stores Room

Standalone applications are available for remote handheld wireless mobile computers/ scanners in the inventory stores room. Utilities included are offline inventory count sheet distribution and count findings collection, part pick list distribution and inventory stock take recording. Recommended devices include the Motorola MC9100 series handheld wireless mobile computers.

Next due items-02
Next Due Items External Links for Dispatch Planning

A useful external URL link is available from your RAAS database that displays next due maintenance items and status of your fleet browser window. The link does not require a standard RAAS login and is specifically designed as an external stand-alone utility for non-RAAS users.