Integrated Efficiencies

A wide range of integrated efficiencies can be included in your RAAS solution either as an initial system implementation or a future enhancement.

Fleet Status Information Exchange API

RAAS allows data exchange with Ops/Dispatch systems to send lists of outstanding defects following anticipated significant maintenance events, maintenance block times, and other information pertinent to operational planning.

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Management Dashboards and Data Mining

Dashboards and advanced data analytics are enabled by direct access to your RAAS database for data mining purposes. Tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau or SAP Business Objects can be used to create custom dashboards and analysis reports for use either inside or outside of RAAS.

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Automated Airframe Time Updates

RAAS allows data from third-party sources such as flight operations or flight following systems to post time updates against the aircraft in your RAAS database, enabling fully automatic airframe time updating with no need for human intervention. When deployed, this integrated efficiency, in turn, allows co-benefits of airframe-time-accurate e-compliance input, system-generated maintenance releases, EML tablet app function and more.

Paperless Maintenance

RAAS offers an entire feature set that enables paperless operation, including work assignment, electronic signature and maintenance release to the job, job-task or job-task-step level.

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Purchase eApproval

Mobile purchase approval allows roaming users and non-RAAS users to review and approve purchase requests via email without logging into the central RAAS system. A link embedded in the automated PO Approval emails allows you to navigate to a mobile-friendly approval webpage that will ask you if you want to approve or reject the purchase request. A VP, Director or any other individual with appropriate security permissions will be able to support orders from wherever they are via their mobile device.

Electronic Maintenance Log (EML) App for the Cockpit

RAAS offers Electronic Maintenance Log (EML) iPad/Windows apps for the cockpit. Our EML apps allow defect reporting from the aircraft while in flight, closure or deferral of defects, display of recently accomplished work and cleared faults, following and lists of next due items. The app can function in real-time or work as an offline utility that syncs data to the primary RAAS host once your tablet gains cellular/WiFi access.

Finance/Accounting System Data Exchange

RAAS is designed to send pertinent data to a best-of-breed accounting and finance system. Typical data can include stock receipts, material expense/consumption data, vendor invoice details and customer invoice details.

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Maintenance Labor Data Capture

For maintenance labour data tracking RAAS offers task clock-in and clock-out from shop-floor scan stations or mobile devices. Suitable for both paperless and paper-based environments.

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Mobile Apps for Material Management

Stocktake, picklist processing and stock count functionality are available in mobile-friendly user interfaces, enabling bring-your-own-device functionality within the RAAS suite.

SSO Integration

This integrated efficiency introduces Active Directory communication via LDAP, which in turn allows synchronization of RAAS usernames and passwords with your Windows Active Directory Server and enables Single Sign-On (SSO). This integrated efficiency is extremely useful to help reduce network end-user authentication security loopholes, particularly in larger organizations with larger user groups.

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