Increase Enterprise Efficiency with Integrations

Increase Enterprise Efficiency with Integrations RAAS helps customers achieve the highest levels of enterprise efficiency by creating integrations with key enterprise systems such as accounting/finance. Read the accounting integrations overview

Achieve Automated Real-Time Airframe Time Updating

Achieve Automated Real-Time Airframe Time Updating RAAS supports automated airframe time updating from third-party data sources. The benefits are huge. Learn more about RAAS integrated efficiencies

Advanced Fleet Status and Defect Management

Advanced Fleet Status & Defect Management Connects the Dots For You An industry-leading fleet status summary dashboard is made possible by advanced defect and discrepancy management features in RAAS. Download the White Paper

Push Reporting Notification

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Push Reporting & Alert Notifications RAAS includes a wide range of automated or scheduled reporting and email notification features specifically designed to enhance decision support and business intelligence. Learn More

Crade-to-Grave Component History

Achieve Total Visibility with Cradle-to-Grave Component History By design, RAAS has always been an integrated on-and-off-wing inventory management solution, which naturally enables simultaneous visibility of all assets as well as the difficult-to-attain objective of cradle-to-grave component history accumulation. Learn More

Remote Purchase Order Approval Plugin

Keep things moving with Purchase eApproval Review and approve purchase orders from RAAS on your mobile device with no need to log in. Just review it and keep things moving from wherever you are. E-approval enables e-signature. Learn More about RAAS Integrated Efficiencies

Porter Joins Other RAAS Paperless Operators

Porter Joins Other RAAS Paperless Operators AIS customer Porter Airlines achieves Transport Canada approval for paperless maintenance records management – a first for a Canadian regional carrier. Read the Full Article

Electronic Maintenance Logging from the Cockpit

Electronic Maintenance Logs in the Cockpit The RAAS Electronic Maintenance Log App for iOS/Android/Windows adds EML functionality to your EFB. Improve information currency and dispatch reliability while reducing paperweight. You can do more with RAAS. Read More About EML


Making Aviation Maintenance Operations Smarter Scalable, intelligent, and 100% browser-based process automation and decision support solutions for the evolving fleet operator, MRO, and CAMO. Move forward with confidence. Learn More About RAAS

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