Technology Platform

Technology Platform

The following server hardware and software specifications assume a non-hosted scenario where RAAS will be installed on a server on your premises.

The actual hardware required to efficiently handle your operational requirements is determined by a number of factors including total number and size of the aircraft in your fleet, utilisation of that fleet, number and type of concurrent users connected to the system, and the number of inventory line items that are to be tracked.

Smaller customers can expect RAAS to run very efficiently using one single or dual processor server. Hardware and software requirements could be as follows.

Server Hardware
Component Qty
Web/App/Database Server 1
Supporting Server Software
Component Qty
Microsoft Windows Standard Server 1
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 1
Crystal Reports Advanced or Developer 1

Scalability of server hardware is addressed using integrated aspects of the Microsoft Windows server platforms. Load-balancing and server clustering technologies, which operate at the operating system level and do not affect RAAS, allow your organisation to add and/or rotate newer and more powerful hardware into the server cluster as necessary. Additionally, advanced PC server design allows for processor scalability that can significantly lengthen the life of your hardware investment.