RAAS Express


The highest value with the lowest total cost of ownership

Based on the same platform as the industry-leading web-based RAAS Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering software suite, RAAS Express provides customers the opportunity to take advantage of a very sophisticated set of features at a fraction of the regular price.

Feature for feature, RAAS Express is the highest value system available with the lowest total cost of ownership. RAAS Express is one of the only fully web-based aviation maintenance and inventory management software solutions available, where modern technologies combined with a wide array of advanced fleet and inventory management features guarantee time and money savings plus increased capacity within your operation.

RAAS Express is available on a monthly access fee basis with system cloud hosting included. System implementation and ongoing support are effortless

Onboarding Services

With the purchase of RAAS Express you can also purchase data configuration and user training services to support the onboarding effort. Aviation InterTec Services maintains highly trained staff to help you get RAAS Express running and optimally configured. Available data configuration services include migration of aircraft and inventory data from a pre-existing tracking system, or from other data sources.

RAAS Express Key Features
  • No limit to the number of aircraft that can be tracked.
  • No limit to the number of bases and inventories that can be managed.
  • Digital document library for ADs, SBs or manufacturer procedures.
  • Technical log book output for Airframe, Modification and Engine/Prop.
  • Component certification (Form 1, etc.) documents stored as digital documents.
  • Automatic assembly configuration verification.
  • Historical defect analysis reporting.
  • Bar-code support for inventory issues and physical inventory count.
  • Handheld wireless barcode/data input device support.
  • Fax and email based request for quotation features.
  • Stale parts and overstock analysis features.
  • Loaner/Rental management.
  • Warranty tracking.
  • Line and heavy maintenance production planning.
  • Job templates for any repetitive job with parts lists and graphics.
  • Cost centers for centralized collection of all parts and labour expense data.
  • Labour input module for employee and job specific time accumulation.
  • Invoice production with customer specific mark-ups.
  • Numerous automated email status notifications.
  • Numerous automated off-line report delivery options.
  • Airframe time updates from external systems.
  • Accounting system integration.
RAAS Express Limitations

Functionally identical to the full RAAS edition, RAAS Express is designed as a price-point solution for smaller operations. RAAS Express total simultaneous user logins are restricted to 10 and RAAS Express must be cloud hosted at the AIS hosting center, but otherwise there are no limits placed on the size of aircraft, the number of aircraft or the number of bases and inventories that are allowed.

Migrating from RAAS Express

If your operation grows to the extent that you exceed the limitations of RAAS Express then you may want to consider migrating to the full RAAS edition, which requires nothing more than a re-negotiation of your RAAS agreement. No data transformation or downtime is required.