Features List

Technical Records & QA
  • Independent time tracking for parts, such as APU’s, heaters or rotary-wing components.
  • Electronic technical log books for Airframe, Modification and Engine/Prop.
  • Associated maintenance features identify nested maintenance actions.
  • Industry leading part and inspection historical detail.
  • Fleet-wide applicability features for any inspection.
  • Configuration lists for any part or assembly.
  • Facilities for recording prior maintenance.
  • Automatic email warranty removal notification.
  • Scan and store accomplished job cards as digital documents.
  • Component certification documents stored as digital documents. No more “folders”.
  • Optional automatic airframe time updates from external data sources.
  • Automatic component configuration verification during installation, plus ‘quantity of’ checks.
Quality Assurance and Reliability Analysis
  • Rules based system allows QA to define procedures.
  • Integrated component TBO performance reporting.
  • True historical snag analysis reporting.
  • Integrated reliability reporting and graphs including 30 day type, 30 day fleet and 12 month type.
  • Automatic email snag alert level exceedence notification for proactive snag level monitoring.
  • Automatic email notification on MEL and deferred maintenance item creation.
Inventory Management and Stores
  • Integrated electronic part requisition system between Production, Stores and Purchasing.
  • Segmented consumption history and one-click reorder features.
  • Stale parts and overstock analysis features.
  • Internal repair/overhaul facility features.
  • Loaner/Rental management.
  • Warranty tracking.
  • Numerous email based status notifications.
  • Inventory count utility designed for rapid count findings input.
  • Bar-code support for inventory issues and physical inventory count.
  • Handheld data collection device (with integrated bar-code scanner) support for electronic sign-out sheets and remote inventory count data collection.
Purchasing and Stores
  • Fax and email based request for quotation system.
  • Purchase and repair order tracking and historical vendor analysis.
  • Issue inventory against part requests for production jobs during receiving.
  • Scan and store component certification documents as digital documents. No more “folders”.
  • Receiving report can be automatically emailed as PDF to preferred recipient.
Maintenance Planning and Production Control
  • Flexible forecasting allows forecasts within an airframe, a base or across the entire company.
  • True historical snag analysis reporting.
  • Integrated deferred maintenance and MEL item control.
  • Job card (work card) driven system for easy job tracking.
  • Electronic part requisition system notifies stores/purchasing of part requirements.
  • Job card templates for any repetitive job including parts lists and graphic attachments.
  • Digital document library for inspections, ADs, SBs, etc. automatically printed with job cards.
  • Tools for both line maintenance and block/heavy maintenance inspection activities.
  • Job Card Group schema allows you to separate line maintenance tasks from heavy mainteance tasks.
  • Links between routine inspection tasks and spawned non-routine rectification tasks.
  • Track heavy check accomplishment, parts and labour costs in real time.
  • Scan and store accomplished job cards as digital documents.
Inspection Document Management
  • Maintain all inspection document revision control from a central repository.
  • Generate audit reports confirming correct and complete compliance within your inspection program.
  • Automatically generate inspection sheets for higher-frequency inspections, allowing you to do away with custom company forms for the same purpose.
  • Model heavy check visit packages in a pre-production environment for resource, tool, access and part planning.
  • Accumulate history for routine to non-routine rectification task relationships.
Part Requests
  • Electronic part requisitions module receives requests directly from Planning or Production.
  • Stores personnel can respond to part requests in real-time notifying production of stock status.
  • Items requiring purchasing action can be electronically forwarded to Purchasing.
  • Transparency of request status from all points.
Work Orders and Costs Accumulation
  • Work orders for centralised collection of all parts and labour expense data.
  • Expense information is stored discretely and can be traced to individual jobs.
  • Extremely flexible design allows creation of a work order for any entity in the system.
  • Job cards for a given aircraft can be associated to different work orders for specific cost analysis.
  • Labour input module for employee and job specific time accumulation.
  • Invoice production with customer specific mark-ups.
  • Optional accounting system integration. We have integration experience with SAP, PeopleSoft, SUN, AccPac and Microsoft Great Plains.
  • Browser-based system can be easily extended across your WAN or the Internet to allow access to live maintenance and inventory information regardless of location.
  • Zero footprint system operates inside of Microsoft Internet Explorer and does not require any software to be installed or maintained on user workstations. This in turn means very low maintenance for your IT personnel plus, because anyone with a password can gain access, the system will inevitably be used by more people for greater information sharing.
  • Data is stored and managed by Microsoft SQL Server allowing RAAS to scale from small operators to large commercial fleets.
  • Server-side processing allows for integrated email handling without the user needing to have email software installed.
  • Reports are served by the Crystal Reports web reporting server engine allowing the potential for user customizable reports.
  • All reports can be exported as Word, Excel or PDF without needing to have Adobe Acrobat installed.
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