NavigatAir Choose RAAS

Challenger 601 startup NavigatAir has selected RAAS as the natural best choice for management of their growing fleet.

Morningstar Air Express Chooses RAAS

B757, ATR72 and C208 operator Morningstar Air Express have selected and implemented RAAS for fleet maintenance management.

Summit Helicopters Choose RAAS

Predominant northern Canadian rotary operator Summit Helicopters has chosen RAAS for fleet maintenance tracking. This decision is the natural next step in the merger between CC Helicopters and Summit Helicopters. The two fleets will eventually be amalgamated into a single operating entity.

CC Helicopters Choose RAAS

CC Helicopters of Kamloops, BC, Canada have selected and implemented RAAS for fleet operational maintenance tracking and repair shop procedures.

Aviation Island Chooses RAAS

Aviation Island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, has chosen RAAS as its primary aviation maintenance and engineering system solution in support of provision of CAMO services to its airline customers. Aviation Island is an aviation consultation services company that among other things provides contract EASA Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) management services to a number […]

Nav Canada Chooses RAAS

Canadian federal airspace regulatory agency Navigation Canada has chosen RAAS as its preferred aviation maintenance and engineering system solution, in support of its specialized fleet of CRJ and DHC8 aircraft. Facing the increasing challenges of providing proof of compliance while supporting a robust continuing airworthiness program, Nav Canada undertook the search for a suitable replacement […]

Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services Extends RAAS Use

Aviation InterTec Services customer Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services (ACAS) has chosen RAAS for deployment of paperless procedures within their maintenance organization.    ACAS will take advantage of existing RAAS features that enable paperless operation including work assignment, electronic signature and maintenance release to the job, job-task or job-task-step level.  Additionally, ACAS, key in trial testing […]

Low-Fare & Regional Airlines Magazine

AIS and RAAS are featured in the February/March issue of Low-Fare & Regional Airlines Magazine, in a discussion of M&E solutions, IT and the Cloud.  Take a look and see what we think the future holds for M&E systems.  Page 27.