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Aviation maintenance management software for the forward-looking CAMO and MRO

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Tailored M&E solutions for the commercial operator maintenance organization.

RAAS provides enhanced functionality for continuing airworthiness management organizations, both internal or operating as an independent third party.

RAAS is particularly well suited to both internal and third-party continued airworthiness maintenance operations due to its browser based nature, in that internal or third party maintenance facilities and aircraft owners the CAMO is working with may be allowed to directly access RAAS from any location and any device. Work packages organized by the CAMO can be distributed to third party maintenance facilities through RAAS and post-compliance accomplishment details, including component replacement details, can be input directly to RAAS by the third-party maintenance provider.

  • Provides third party service providers with accessible, flexible, and intelligent material costs management, labor data, and resource planning airline maintenance software
  • Promotes maintenance inspection program management and post-production compliance data collection best practices
  • Best-in-class inspection program and document management facilities
  • Data loader feature allowing for rapid import of aircraft status data, extremely beneficial to growing carriers and third-party contract CAMOs who regularly introduce additional aircraft to their RAAS databases
  • Application deployment model and pricing scheme that scales with business and related customer demand

RAAS Features and Additional Info

Explore the various features and integrated efficiencies that can empower your maintenance organization.

Implementation Services Specific To Your Situation

For Startups

AIS and RAAS can effectively remove the risks and time pressures associated with implementation of a complex maintenance solution by offering implementation project management resources and a flexible pricing model.

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For Legacy

AIS provides customers upgrading maintenance systems with the necessary implementation resources and system solution to dramatically improve workflow, streamline reporting procedures, minimize risk, and grow with your operation and future technologies.

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