Aviation InterTec Services provides best-in-class maintenance management system software solutions and work flow consulting services for enterprise aviation maintenance organizations.

Remote Access Aviation System is an inventory management and maintenance support solution for commercial airlines and MROs of all sizes that features an easy-to-use Internet-accessible user interface. This program will allow your company not only to reduce its maintenance costs and save time, but also to run a more streamlined business with less held inventory and a reduction in the amount of time your employees spend on clerical labour.

Aviation Intertec Services has been providing aviation maintenance software solutions since 1997 and is always taking advantage of the latest development tools to bring the best possible products to their customers. RAAS is the flagship product and options are available with this system to match the functionality to all airlines. Aviation Intertec software is now being used throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa; it matches comprehensive integrated functionality with a cost that is within reach of the mid-tier market.

RAAS is a true browser-based solution for your aircraft maintenance support needs that does not require any software to be installed or maintained on individual user workstations, which translates to easy access, virtually instant information distribution and minimal maintenance. It has a high degree of functionality and a low cost of ownership and is available with a diverse set of licensing options that include operating as either an in-house or hosted solution.

Get more from your aircraft maintenance software. Get RAAS: Remote Access Aviation System. Phone (807) 625-9260 or email raasinfo@aviationintertec.com

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